The heart of my name, and the heart of my principles. Websites are expected to cost at least £1000 nowadays, whether they're reasonably good or absolutely shocking. 

My aim is to help small businesses, like my own, by providing professional, affordable websites with the same love, care, attention to detail and maximum effort you put into your own business, customised and tailored to your needs. 

Utilising skills and experience picked up over years of experience, every website is fit for purpose whether that makes it beautiful, bold or brazen, or perhaps a perfect combination of all three. SEO optimised and designed with your customers in mind, you will benefit from high organic search rankings plus the additional option of paid online advertising and social media management too if desired. 

Core Equipment Wix Website

The first time I used Wix, it was for an employer. The site above was designed as a replacement for an archaic, slow website still visible at www.core-equip.com. However, the site I designed (available by clicking the image) was still fully populated with the entire product range, and featured a pathway for each particular audience which may use the website. 

Next, another company I worked for created a new business, Prestige and Performance Garage Bidford, with a target market of high-end vehicles. Over time, a rebrand took place renaming the company to Local Motor Services Bidford, which was conducted easily thanks to the flexibility of the site, which is rich with keywords and well-written copy to boost its ranking.

Power Maxed Racing Site In Progress

Then, BTCC race team Power Maxed Racing had expressed the need for an improved website. Incomplete for now, due to the timings of sponsor acquisition across the season it is likely the project will remain on hold until after October. This site also features separate pathways for potential sponsors and fans, and will be expanded before completion. 

The new website is cleaner than our last one, will be easier to update, and talks to each of our target markets separately in ways relevant to them. 

Jonathan, Managing Director of Core Equipment


Why, because my hands are capable.

With over 5 years' experience in the modern marketing world across both digital channels and traditional print, TV and other offline channels, I have a good grounding in understanding what a business needs to say to its customers and communicating that message.

I have designed websites for a variation of businesses, and have the accompanying Google qualifications for Search and Display ads, with experience of online video marketing too. I want what's best for your business, and I am certain that you do too. 


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