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What low-cost website builders are there?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The Roux service, which involves the full-on build, population and putting live of your website, is completed with Wix to keep the service affordable for small businesses.

Many web designers use Wordpress, which is great but tends to constrain the site to a template which is very time-consuming to amend. With Wix, the site can be created from a blank page meaning your business can benefit from a completely unique look. It provides a more customised and bespoke look and feel to your online branding.

Other alternatives are out there such as SquareSpace, GoDaddy and a load more, as well as a tonne of industry-specific templates where you just upload some text and some images, choose your branding and you have a clone of every other website in your industry. With the service I provide, you can ensure your website stands out from your competitors', all through using one low-cost website builder driven by one digital professional.

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Wordpress sites tend to use templates which can be constraining and let your website blend into the crowd. Stand out with Wix.