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Should I build my own website?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

I'm not precious about handing over the keys once a website is up and running. And, in the interest of honesty, I will explain that Wix is very easy to use and most people would be capable of setting up their own websites and using their own time.

The reason why my business exists is because the best websites are one constructed by someone who knows the way Google works, and can build good things into the foundation of the website, right down to choice of imagery and layout which can dramatically affect some of the factors which affect how Google rates your site.

You can build your own website, using your own time, and end up paying around £25 a month for hosting only, saving you the labour costs associated with me building the site for you. But, at £50 per page, I'm not charging a lot, and you will end up with a website maleable to your needs and future-proof should you wish to begin online advertising. I can then hand over the keys for you to upload new imagery, create new product pages and more if you desire. But I strongly recommend that the initial build and additional pages are done by someone who can use their knowledge to get the best for your site.

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It is possible to build your own site. But is it the best idea?