An exception to the "buy cheap, buy twice" rule.

I don't know why you don't have a website yet. Maybe you do, but it looks like it was designed in the 90s. Maybe it WAS designed in the 90s? Either way, an affordable solution awaits.


Nowadays, a web presence is not just expected by your customers; it also provides many more opportunities to reach new ones. Once you have a website, you have a central location for your portfolio, your testimonials, a visual opportunity to make a lasting impact on your customers. Not to mention an additional sales channel for your customers to interact and purchase through. 

That's not all. My websites are created on Wix; a system which is very user friendly and can be updated by YOU so you don't need me to stay involved if you don't want me to be. Perfect for those of you with a constantly changing product line which you would be more confident updating at any time. 

In terms of delivering what you want, that's your choice too. You can either supply me with a full brief of what you want, or we can have a simple telephone conversation about your business on the whole, I will ask some questions and then go away to produce a starting point for your approval before the development becomes too in-depth. There's no pressure, no real time dedication on your part, and very few limitations to the final result being exactly what you need for your business. 

The introductory price for the design of your new website is £50 per page. Most basic websites require a Home page, an About page, a Services page and a Blog which is recommended for SEO purposes. Individual Product pages are also recommended for SEO and advertising purposes, but these can be discussed at a lower rate to keep the overall site affordable. 

£50 per page.


Once you have a website, a tonne of affordable advertising options open themselves up. Your acquisition strategy may currently include an advert in the local paper, costing maybe £200 for a half page in circulation for one week, varying significantly on reach and only resulting in sale if the right recipient opens that specific page. Meanwhile, with online advertising you can reach customers when they are actively searching for your products or services, and only pay when you get results, setting budgets from as little as £1 a day. 

You can also use social media to create promoted posts via your business page to target adverts towards people based on their interests. 

Full traceability reports are available with conversion tracking so that we can instantly optimise and refine your strategies for the best possible results.

Whether you're just looking for advice or full hands-on management of these various channels, I can help. Prices are your advertising spend +5% should you wish for total management. 

Total digital advertising management = Your advertising spend + 5%


The best marketing strategies are multi-channel; TV campaigns are backed up by dedicated landing pages and Google Search campaigns, and while that might be a larger-scale example than what you're looking for, similarly you can combine the launch of a new product via social media and your website with a targeted leaflet drop to increase offline awareness and boost sales. 

Maybe you're looking to create point-of-sale, collateral which you can display in-store or ask other local businesses to hand out, or maybe you're planning to attend an exhibition, or perhaps there are other channels unique to your industry which you would like to explore. With an aptitude for copywriting, design briefs and managing small elements to contribute to an overarching big picture, I can help with marketing strategy across the board. 


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